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WSDA Series: New Members of WISE Servo Drives

Updata Time:2018-12-01 16:33
WISE servo drive has been put into market for many years and overcome various difficulties. After nearly half a year of test at scene and in workshop, WEIHONG WSDA series WISE bus-type MECHATROLINK servo drive (hereinafter referred to as M-II) has been officially introduced to the market.

Compared with WSDV series, WSDA series has better performance and reliability. It takes a new generation of motor power module, optimizes nest layout of PCB and improves connectors.

Optimize inertia estimation algorithm to make the process faster and more accurate.

Add some algorithms to reduce the motor noise and control the speed more steadily. e.g. algorithms of second-order torque filter and motor cogging torque compensation.

Optimize circuit design to make the dynamic braking distance shorter, i.e. the moving distance is shorter after drive alarm.

Mold open customize core device to improve the overall quality.

Adopt the sixth generation of Mitsubishi IPM to enhance the reliability.

Upgrade the structure and three-proofing technic to adjust to bad environment.

Match WEIHONG bus-type CNC system so that there is no need for external brake signal.

Support dual encryption of hardware and control system to fully guarantee the rights of manufacturers.

The encoder interface to the drive has been changed into DB9 M/F, which can be plugged and fixed more easily.

The communication interface of M-II turns from USB interface to high-speed industrial bus-type interface RJ45, which not only improves the stability and reliability of communication, but also provides compatibility with other fieldbuses.
  • Aim at Outstanding Quality
  • WISE Servo Drive WSDA Series
  • Strive for Better Performance
  • DB9 M/F Cable
  • Mode Open Customize
  • High-speed Industrial Bus-type Interface RJ45
  • Damp Proof, Mildew Proof, Salt-spray Proof
  • The Sixth Generation of Mitsubishi IPM
  • Dynamic Braking Distance
  • Mainstream Drive in the Market
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