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WEIHONG AB-type Five-axis Waterjet Cutting System

Updata Time:2018-12-01 16:31
WEIHONG AB-type five-axis waterjet cutting system is a very important part of WEIHONG system family.

Since its introduction to the market, WEIHONG AB five-axis waterjet system has received high praise for its efficiency and smoothness. This system can be used to cut various materials, such as titanium alloy, copper plate, steel plate, aluminum plate, cast iron, granite, marble, tile, chemical fiber, wood, cloth, paper, leather, plastic, etc. You can find that WEIHONG waterjet cutting system has been applied to not only industries of stone, building and decoration, but also finish machining industries of aviation and military. Now, WEIHONG waterjet cutting system has become a mainstay force in waterjet cutting system at home.

Such excellent performance and achievement stem from its abundant functions, outstanding adaptability and constant innovation and development.


Optimize Functions

To increase machining efficiency and lower cost, WEIHONG waterjet cutting system has developed and improved the following four functions:

Manual Function

In waterjet stone medallion industry, you can control the tool head to generate a conventional graphic area in flaw area or crack area on a stone material, and generate a DXF file. It’s convenient for operators to remove this area during editing and nesting in CAD. Thus, raw material can be used effectively.

Scanning Function

It is complicated to record and match toolpath information when cutting in batch. This function helps you to get toolpath No. and match the information intelligently.
Automatic groove identification Function

In technic of machining hollow-out jade, there are more than 100 small closed graphics. It is tedious to set and check artificially. While automatic groove identification is helpful to improve efficiency and reduce error reduce.

Bridge Function

During machining, it will damage the machine tool and reduce the efficiency to turn on and turn off the valve repeatedly. With bridge function, you can process many workpieces for one time. Additionally, you can connect graphics to avoid small workpieces falling under the grid.


To improve AB-type five-axis waterjet cutting system for better machining effect, WEIHONG Company makes progress in the following aspects.
Improve AB-type five-axis machining effect

During cutting, it is hard to avoid ripples, obvious sharp corners and round holes, and uneven seam. Thus, the quality and efficiency are low.

With special acceleration processing, WEIHONG AB-type five-axis waterjet system can reduce, even remove ripples. Meanwhile, the machining efficiency will get improved because the speed is not very small.

Compensate error of V-type AB-type tool head

During actual assembly and installation, there existing errors in tool head structure. When you use V-type tool head to cut the toolpath, the sizes of two sides are different.

To compensate the error, cut and measure the test graphic, and enter compensation function, the software will calculate the error and compensate it automatically.


Optimize solution to cutting metal workpiece

When you cut metal workpiece, high qualities of upper and lower surfaces are required. This solution takes special corner rate processing to improve the quality of the lower surface. According to actual situation, users can adjust parameters for higher quality.
WEIHONG AB-type waterjet cutting system — only for better machining.
WEIHONG keeps moving with the need of the industry. In the future, we will still take a pragmatic approach for more forward-looking technologies. Stay tuned!
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